Science Fiction is for All.

Science fiction and fantasy is the best imaginative stimulant a mind can receive. For it allows the mind to travel to unknown and unexplored horizons.  Imagination to the mind is like exercise to the body.  So, reading science fiction is the ultimate workout for a mind. Our books encourage readers to use their minds to their fullest.  These books give the reader a mental work-out for all ages.  And being science fiction mysteries, the reader is prompted to push his mind to the edge, and back.  And no mental possibilities are denied the reader.  Every spiritual concept is there: exteriorization, telepathy, projection through space and time, and more.  The reader is being asked to imagine all this, with their mind.  It is healthy.  A well exercised mind leads to a healthy mind.  And, from those who have read these books, a reader can go from imagining, to doing.

Science Fiction Books

The stories are written on a tapestry of truth.

Cleverly Plotted out

An extraterrestrial is sent to Earth in 1989 to find out why.  They are being lied to out there about Earth. Why?

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Children's Picture Books

Teach children the correct lessons to become great.

Teach Children True Values

Let Captain Captain Kuro From Mars teach your children the right lessons on how to live life the .

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Captain Kuro Child Comics

All children need these values and to laugh.

Learn True Abilities and Values

Let Captain Kuro From Mars teach your children at their own pace. They imagine and learn much.

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Print Comics For Others

Use our comic strip reprint license. You teach others.


You teach what Captain Kuro from Mars knows, on your own website. Change the future of the world.

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